This really depends on the size of your business, and the amount of work that needs to be done

The Business Growth Program has no fixed term. It can go for 1 month or 60 months – it’s totally up to you. It generally continues for as long as you’re seeing real improvement in your business.

Weekly 2hr meetings for 10 weeks. Fortnightly meetings thereafter.

Generally at your business, but can also be at our office (Yarraville)

No. The Business Growth Program targets every part of the business; from Sales & Marketing, to finance and profit leakage, to your staff capabilities. And will generally involve your key employees – when required. Business Coaches generally just spend time with the owner discussing issues, with no requirement to actually making things happen. In conjunction with you and your team, the Business Growth Program determines the necessary changes for your business, and ensures that those changes are implemented. There’s generally little value in discussing important matters, if nothing changes in your business.

We find that almost all businesses benefit from the Business Growth Program. This is because most owners are very knowledgeable in their particular industry, but lack the expertise in the finer points of building a very successful business. As well as the fact that as the owner, you are often too close to the business to always make the right decisions.

The Business Growth Program is generally over the long term, and is all about making things happen from day 1. Traditionally consultants and coaches will discuss what they think needs to be done, but little thought goes into ensuring it actually happens. The Business Growth Program is all about determining WHAT, then making it HAPPEN.